(PRE-ORDER) Cannabinoid Cultivation Secrets

(PRE-ORDER) Cannabinoid Cultivation Secrets

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Estimated Publication Date: September 2021

Combining ancient farming wisdom with cutting-edge soil science and stories of real cannabis and hemp growing veterans, Cannabinoid Cultivation Secrets promises to be a cultivation book like no other. 

With this book, you'll learn how to:

  • Never worry about soil pH again
  • Allow mites into your grow without them attacking your plants
  • Yield "3 a light" without using a single nutrient product

And many other secrets that will turn your perspective on growing upside down.

Perhaps most importantly though, you'll learn a strategy to differentiate yourself in a market where prices are falling and products are becoming commodities. These secrets will teach you how to grow medicine in a way that's good for your bottom line (profit), your patients, the planet and your piece of mind.