You won't find an N-P-K number on this brew, and yet it's proven to produce the same or better yields than nutrient fertilizer and more nutrient dense, flavor-rich plants.

That's because Bioflux feeds the soil, not the plant. It fertilizes with microbes, the way nature intended.

Every batch is consistent, safe, and will never clog your emitters or form a biofilm in your irrigation.

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Terraflux takes its name from the most fertile soil on earth: Terra Preta, or "black earth," a biochar-based soil found in the Amazonian rainforest. Terraflux is infused with Bioflux, and does the following:

  • Becomes a housing complex for soil microbial life
  • Maintains a reservoir for water and nutrients
  • Boosts plants' ability to take up nutrients by raise CEC levels
  • Buffers the effects of toxic elements
  • Neutralizes the high alkalinity found in most raw biochars

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See real results:

“If you’re into clean cannabis then you need to check out the great things Everflux is creating. The aroma and flavor profile we got from using Bioflux is insane!”

~Angel, Owner, Kings Cannabiz, Pueblo, CO

“I saw a dramatic difference using Bioflux. It especially helped with nitrogen uptake, as the leaves on those plants were a lot greener.”

~Jeanie Lee, Head Grower for Colorado Breeders Depot, Canyon City, CO

“We believe that hemp should be grown with natural ingredients to provide a clean product for the end user and Everflux products hit every mark we look for in plant agronomics from the organic starting material used in Bioflux, to the terpene boosting properties.”

~Matt Calkins, Project Manager, Global Hemp Group, OR

“Bioflux has kept my living soil-grown plants healthy and green”

~William, former Head Grower for RE Botanicals, SC

“I love the results I’m getting with Biolfux”

~Jacob Verhines, home grower, San Jose, CA

In an independent, controlled trial on hemp CBD clones, Bioflux produced 33% higher yields than the control, and 10% higher than organic fish fertilizer, for 28% less cost.

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In another independent trial, Bioflux and Terraflux produced the same yields as the growers standard mix of six different synthetic nutrients, with a considerably higher quality plant, as indicated by larger root mass and greater terpenes.

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In an independent controlled trial on wine grapes, rows treated with Bioflux produced 23% higher yield than the untreated control, had less powdery mildew, and were two points higher in Brix levels than the growers standard fertilizer treatment.

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Results produced at Bloomfield Organics, CA, using only Bioflux and Terraflux.

Hear directly from farmers using Bioflux:



"We had fusarium come in and start attacking the tomatoes, so we drenched the soil with Bioflux. A few weeks later, the problem was gone, and we were getting bigger, more flavorful tomatoes than I'd ever seen. We've got about 90% of people who buy them at the farmers market coming back to keep buying them again and again."

~Tom, owner of Crane Creek Growers

“With no additional fertilizers or soil amendments, I irrigated my starts with Bioflux and the results were undeniable. Everything I planted grew beyond imagination and nearly no pest damage, mildew or curl. Bioflux is now an integral part of my growing process. Can’t recommend this product enough.”

~John Pomeroy, Permaculture Farmer, Penn Valley, CA

"I've NEVER seen the leaves so lush and green. It's almost like a different tree!"

~Brooke Hazen, owner, Olive Leaf Hill/ Goldridge Organic Farm & Award-winning olive oil producer and olive grower

“I love the results I’m getting with Biolfux”

~Jacob Verhines, home grower, San Jose, CA

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