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The Science of Cannabinoid Cultivation Academy

Learn advanced living soil techniques from legends like Dr. Elaine Ingham, Chris Trump, Kevin Jodrey, Joshua Steensland, Dragonfly Earth Medicine, Leighton Morrison and many others.

16 sessions - 36 hours of content

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Do you want to grow plants that are so healthy they can resist pests completely on their own?

What if the same techniques that grow healthy plants also produced superb yields, terpenes and flavonoids?

The answer is Holistic Cultivation

The course includes:

  • Twelve, 25-50 minute video lessons (~7.5 hours of content)
  • Weekly office hours with the course instructor
  • Complete materials list & proven soil mix recipe
  • Troubleshooting Guide
  • Weekly assignments to implement system
  • Quizzes to test your learning
  • Opportunities to become a course instructor & Everflux distributor

The Holistic Cultivation System is for:

  • Beginner growers
  • Experienced growers interested in a new paradigm
  • Growers who want to save time, money and effort
  • Growers who want to grow higher quality flower

Cultivation Secrets

Combining ancient farming wisdom with cutting-edge soil science and stories of real cannabis and hemp growing veterans, Cannabinoid Cultivation Secrets promises to be a cultivation book like no other.

With this book, you'll learn how to:

  • Never worry about soil pH again
  • Yield "3 a light" without using a single nutrient product
  • Allow mites into your grow without hurting your plants

And many other secrets that will turn your perspective on growing upside down.

Perhaps most importantly though, you'll learn a strategy to differentiate yourself in a market where prices are falling and products are becoming commodities. 

Estimated Publication Date: November 2021


Download the Everflux white paper on how natural inputs like holistic microbial ferments and biochar can revolutionize farming, ensuring farmers can maintain high yields while working with nature, rather than against it.

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