We are enabling the world-wide transition to regenerative agriculture.

Through cutting-edge microbial products that can replace chemical fertilizers and educational programs for farmers, Everflux is removing barriers to adopting regenerative practices. 

One of the biggest obstacles for farmers making the transition is the yield loss that comes with removing chemical fertilizers from their program. Products like Bioflux and Terraflux have been proven to maintain conventional-level yields, without any of the side effects (nutrient run-off, salt build-up) while helping farmers begin regenerating their soil.

We envision a world without waste.

Everflux was inspired by the concept of Cradle to Cradle; the idea that all products and materials we use in modern society could have a never-ending life cycle. Imagine a world where, when something no longer serves it's original purpose, instead of discarding it, we could transform it into something else useful.

This kind of resourcefulness is not just good for the planet and for future generations. It's good for the bottom line today. Where there is waste, there is inefficiency. Where there is inefficiency, there's money lost. Everflux see's the "waste" around us as an opportunity to create something new.

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Meet Our Team

Daniel Enking, Founder & CEO

Daniel is an entrepreneur with a passion for eliminating waste and learning from nature. Before founding Everflux, Daniel spent five years as a top ranking Energy Consultant at both Ecology Action and SolarCity, where he sold over $5.5 million worth of energy efficiency and solar projects to homes and businesses. Over the past decade, Daniel has co-founded and grown several companies and organizations. These include the Tufts Energy Conference, a wind project development company called Emergent Energy Group, an education company based in China called DK Education, and a non-profit networking group called the Beijing Energy Network. Daniel grew up in Maine, where he developed an appreciation for the environment and closed-loop systems. Connect with him on Linkedin.

Manny Barra, Operations Manager

Manny Barra was born and raised in Berkeley, Ca and graduated from Sonoma State University with a B.A. in Environmental Studies and Planning. After graduation he joined the U.S. Peace Corps where he established a sustainable community aquaponic pilot program in the Philippines. Throughout his life he has worn many hats in operations, logistics, corporate management, education and ecological services. He also has extensive experience designing and constructing systems for liquid transfer and performing biological system maintenance, including aquaponics, pond ecosystem restoration and cider brewing - skills which are highly transferable to further developing and scaling Everflux's proprietary fermentation system. In his spare time, you will find him experimenting with Korean Natural Farming (KNF) techniques and evangelizing the benefits of gardening with aquaponics and microbes.

Don Sieling, VP of Sales

Don grew up on a 3rd generation, family owned, vertically integrated farming and ranching operation in the Midwest. He graduated from Arizona State University with a B.S. Degree in Agribusiness Marketing. After graduation Don moved to the Salinas Valley of California where he started his professional career in Ag Finance making production loans to farmers and learning about West Coast farming practices. Don transitioned into produce and value-added salad sales with some of the best grower/shippers/processors in California. He then entered the world of Ag Technology sales. Don has many years of experience building successful Agribusiness sales teams throughout the U.S. and Canada. Since Don’s upbringing on a farm that utilized traditional chemical-based and high-tillage farming practices, he has recognized the urgency to return to regenerative, sustainable, organic, low-till management of the land that allows Mother Nature to do what she does best: thrive. Having the opportunity to affect the world in positive way and provide people more healthy and better tasting food is Don’s biggest and most exciting opportunity yet.

Leighton Morrison, Soil Consultant

Starting off as a fellow with renowned soil biologist Dr. Elaine Ingham during her time as Chief Scientist at the Rodale Institute, Leighton has become an expert of soil microbiology and aquaponics is his own right, consulting for large and small scale farms across the country. Leighton is a co-host of the Future Cannabis Project "Living Soil Conversations" show, and co-founder of the Science of Cannabinoid Cultivation Academy (SCCA)

Advisory Board

Geoff Trotter

Geoff co-founded Regennabis to serve a broad stakeholder community of Start-ups and Scale-ups – along with “Canna-Curious” established brands – in the same space as Investors and Social Entrepreneurs to harness a multi-capital approach to deliver long-term Sustainable Development in the emerging and exciting Cannabis Industry. Through three integrated “pillars of service” – Advisory, Convening & Investment – Regennabis provides the opportunity for key players in the Value Chain to share their know-how, know-what and know-who to help develop meaningful relationships with a new generation of clients and consumers to create regenerative enterprises and at the same time, generate “Impact Alpha” both in their communities and around the world and believe that this will allow and enable the democratization of opportunity to deliver “Regenerative Growth for ALL in the Cannabis Industry”.

Geoff has lived/worked in Asia, Europe and the Americas with numerous CxO roles including Chief Development Officer, Chief Knowledge Officer, Chief Marketing Officer & Chief Operations Officer as well as serving as a Big4 Partner-level Management Consultant.

Louise Kirkbride

Louise founded and managed two venture capital based startups. She raised the seed capital and all subsequent rounds of equity investment and managed the growth of the companies from first employee to successful acquisition. In particular, her expertise is in defining new and emerging markets and in building the business case for investors in these new areas. She is the holder of two patents in software design.

Louise has served on two Boards for the State of California Department of Consumer Affairs. Prior to her experience in the Silicon Valley, Louise was a hardware design engineer for aerospace and computer hardware companies. A member of the first class of female freshman at Caltech, Louise earned both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from that institution in engineering. She is currently a member of the Caltech board of trustees.

Steve Gomberg

Steve Gomberg is an executive with extensive experience in management, finance and corporate development with entrepreneurial companies. He is currently the managing director for Mondegreen Ventures LLC, an early stage investment firm with a focus on clean technology and alternative energy. Prior to Mondegreen Steve spent four years in Thailand as the finance director for Asia Biogas Company, a developer and operator of waste to energy power plants in Southeast Asia. Over the course of his career Steve has been involved in building a number of entrepreneurial businesses as a manager, consultant and financier. He has worked for several beverage firms, including three years as the chief operating officer of Blackstone Winery, whose wine is now one of the top brands in the US. Steve earned an MBA and BS from The University of California at Berkeley.

Bonnie Bibas

Bonnie has an extensive background in Broadcast advertising, marketing, and production having worked for various media outlets such as CBS, A&E Network, Blair Television, and Comcast. She has a degree in psychology and holds a certificate in Sustainable Practices from the Green MBA program at Dominican University. She also is a graduate of the Environmental Forum of Marin, SF Urban Permaculture Institute, and Nature Guide Training at WildCare in Marin County. Bonnie serves on the Standards Committee for The Non-GMO Project. She is a board member of Tenderloin Tessie Holiday Dinners in San Francisco and also The Hela Bima Rice Project, empowering farmers to grow native varieties of rice using Agro Wisdom vs Agro Chemicals. She is certified as a Climate Reality Leader by Al Gore’s The Climate Reality Project. She is the founder of Pomegrant, an online platform that helps raise funds for non-profit organizations.

Awards & Accolades

​Everflux is proud to have been accepted into the Winter 2020 accelerator program! Only 10 start-ups were selected into the program out of 300!

Everflux was accepted into the largest Cleantech incubator and business competition in the United States in May 2018.

Everflux was admitted to Manylabs in November 2016. Manylabs incubates projects and companies that fit into the theme of "science for good."

Everflux was selected from 1,000+ entries as a Tech.Co Startup of the Year Semifinalist.