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The future of growing is soil health and regeneration. We're helping farmers, gardeners and horticulturalists make the transition without sacrificing yields.



“With no additional fertilizers or soil amendments, I irrigated my starts with Bioflux and the results were undeniable. Everything I planted grew beyond imagination, with nearly no pest damage, mildew or curl. Bioflux is now an integral part of my growing process. Can’t recommend this product enough.”

John Pomeroy, Polyculture Farmer, Penn Valley, CA

"I've NEVER seen the leaves so lush and green. Last year they were yellowish and had olive leaf spot. It's almost like a different tree!"

Brooke Hazen, owner, Olive Leaf Hill/ Goldridge Organic Farm, Sebastapol, CA & Award-winning olive oil producer

“I saw a dramatic difference using Bioflux. It especially helped with nitrogen uptake, as the leaves on those plants were a lot greener.”

Jeanie Lee, Head Grower for Colorado Breeders Depot, Canyon City, CO

Grown with Bioflux in Oregon City, Oregon

Grown with Bioflux and Terraflux in Valley Ford, CA

Grown with Bioflux in Lakeport, CA

TERRAFLUX Charged Biochar

Inoculated with Bioflux, this biochar is ready to go in the ground and give your soil permanent organic carbon that acts as an apartment for microbes, while also increasing water retention, CEC, and improving soil structure.


Cannabinoid Cultivation Secrets

This first of it's kind book describes the stories of dozens for farmers and growers who switched to regenerative and no-till methods to improve both their businesses bottom lines and their quality of life. It also gives a detailed system for how you too can make the transition.


Bamboo Wood Vinegar

Otherwise known as "liquid smoke," wood vinegar is a natural, non-toxic biostimulant and is a byproduct of the process that makes biochar.

Wood Vinegar has over 150 uses in agriculture and is widely used in Asia. Get started today.


Biological fertility for your farm

Learn how large farms like Eden Enterprises are replacing chemical fertilizers with Bioflux to grow a better quality product.

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